Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nothing Better To Do But Dream

I have been insanely busy with answering every ridiculous question in the transfer applications, and I just started yet another semester of college, in addition, I am looking for a part-time job around, plus I've got some goodies I want to eagerly read (I'm hooked on McSweeney's Quarterly Concerns issues) Lady Into Fox by David Garnett. I just bought Fup by Jim Dodge for one freakin cent.

Original drawing of an art piece:
Another sketch about a story in which a lady (reminds me of Natalia Vodianova...) saves people by destroying their nightmares. Ethical? Hm, not sure. It's been an interesting journey pondering that for the development of the story:An individual's potential is something I keep worrying about. I've been able to unglue myself off the TV, and concentrate more on my applications and a sketchbook. It's difficult but I must discipline myself.
So first thing's first: Wake up before 11:30 am. Gah. Pathetic.

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