Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Day

              I'm close to finishing up a garden lolita picture so I can color it, but meanwhile I've been muddling through making a 5-page comic taking place in Ancient Heian Japan with sneaky and ugly demons. It's a dark world so I am definitely finding it quite interesting to draw blood and guts and demons coming out of people and stuff! What is definitely inspiring me to carry out this impossible task is re-reading Ivan Morris's amazing research of the Heian period in his book The World of the Shining Prince. It is a book for those interested in the part of Japanese culture predating its stereotypes of samurai and geisha. It's a much more enigmatic time overlooked by historians--aahh so damn good. If I were not studying business, I would with all certainty be majoring in East Asian Studies and writing papers on weird Asian stuff, like hikkikomoris..

             I figured I should same something on my blog once in a while, right?


her paper tiger said...

That book sounds great!
I've always had an interest in japanese lore. It's so mysterious and dark. <3

galahadosaurus said...

Ah I've been to Mitsuwa. I love the sketchbooks in the store next to it...I forgot the name of it, but it's the one next to the Japanese bookstore. The price isn't too bad either since they are hardcover sketchbooks.

JGV said...

Omg, yes!! I've been been a consumer victim of those damn sketchbooks--I buy them as gifts as well, its just that they are so classy and of good quality unlike the crap from say Borders! And yes, the prices are justifiable.
I also am fond of the tea set shop. There are many tea styles to suit all kinds of crazy or traditional personalities.

Her Paper Tiger:
Indeed! Some very dark and superstitious times <3