Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grounds for Scuplture Visit Drawings

At the beginning of this summer, two of my Norwegian friends visited me and we drove to the Grounds for Sculpture park. While we rested at a wonderful gazebo I drew Evelyn (top drawing). The gazebo and its surrounding pond, are recreated from one of Monet's motifs. We then sipped some coffee at the park's cafe and I drew Anbjørg. It was a really nice trip.


Anbjørg said...

Ooooooh, Jasmin, I found myself! Impressing!

I see that I need to follw your blog a lot closer..

Thank you for drawing us! I really enjoy the drawings, they are so detailed:D Although I should have had a heavy old book on my lap, instead of that folder:)

JGV said...

haha, omg! Anbjorg! I'm glad you got to see these! You remember when I drew you? I'm so happy you enjoy it! :D