Friday, March 11, 2011

Fox & Mirror Moment

Even though my comic-in-progress has been put on hiatus due to other work getting in the way, my brain won't let it go! So I just quickly jotted down a ridiculously angsty scene where Mr. Fox is killed by a bear trap and the Faerie Queen  appears behind her offering to help for a favor.
I wish I could take a comics class and learn more about onomatopoeia, pacing, and paneling because I do feel a little like some parts are off but I don't know how to refine it. I definitely will change some parts of this scene, like the squish panel in which I think I'll hide her face. Also, the panel after that, crack, I'll change the sound to maybe a more metallic crick. Her last comment "I'm alone again," sounds really stiff and fairly unnatural so there's more work to do! I can't wait to get back to work on it in the summer :)

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Cath said...

This looks fantastic so far <3