Monday, April 4, 2011

Rogue Wave Story Pitch

This is Signy, the main character in my developing science fiction story, Rogue Wave.
From what I've been able to write, Signy, an over-qualified elementary physics teacher, arrives at her friends' home to find their son, Maxwell, alone. His parents have disappeared for many weeks. So, running away from the secretive galaxy detective agency who are strangely interested in the boy's parent's research, Signy and Maxwell venture out into the wild, black expanse to solve the mystery of why his parents are missing--revealing many things about themselves and about the universe.
It takes place in outer space involving black holes, bounty hunters, other dimensions and the afterlife, panpsychism, and fear. It is still developing after all my reading on quantum physics, philosophy, and cosmology.

The story has been brewing in my head for a couple of years and will continue to do so for a bit more, until I have enough to illustrate it into a graphic novel. Wish me luck!


R.S. Bohn said...

You had me at "over-qualified elementary school math teacher." Good luck, because it sounds like fun, and your art accompanying it would be refreshingly, intriguingly different within the sci-fi graphic novel genre.

Anbjørg said...

It sounds very promising! :D

It's always such a pleasure to look through your blog; very inspiring!!

Keep drawing <3

JGV said...

Thank you both! It makes me very happy to hear that!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting story! I'm sure it's a lot of work to make an illustrated novel(I've tried in a very simple and amateurish way), so I wish you good luck with that.:)

JGV said...

Yes, it definitely is a lot of work and commitment! That's why I'm working out the kinks in the plot before going to the drawing stage.
Thanks for the wishes!