Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brewing Art

Big post today!
 I just handed in my 5-piece Illustration II Final! I was given the word 'ghosts' and had to work around that theme. So! I decided on illustrating a short story taking place in Victorian England in which a scientist, rejected from the Academy of Science, begins to study paranormal activities, in the hopes of proving it to be fake and earning admittance into the Academy. 

In this first illustration, the scientist-man attends a seance to observe and take notes. He meets the woman conducting the seance, who is actually a con-artist faking the whole thing.  Unfortunately, strange things begin to happen, and not by her own trickery!

 This second illustrate is a scene of the scientist-man investigating the halls and meeting the gray ladies of the castle. 

As the third illustration, the scientist-man and the con-artist woman, who can see and communicate with ghosts, travel to Mexico to meet La Llorona. The scene above involves the woman running after La Llorona to hand her a handkerchief. This act of kindness eventually frees La Llorona to move on to the next life. 

 Here the duo visit Hawaii. They sneak into the forest to secretly witness the Nightmarchers, a parade of spirits. 

As the fifth and final illustration, they arrive in Japan, and you know the Japanese love their ghost stories. Here they encounter mujina, which are faceless ghosts--they look like people except, surprise!, they have no faces. They were by far the creepiest ghosts to research.

And here are my sketches: 


 Anyways, outside of school, it was my friend's birthday recently so I made her a birthday card of her talking to a bear with watercolors. Silly, yeah.

And now I'm working on a watercolor piece, the largest scale I have ever worked in watercolor before. I haven't finished drawing it yet but so far I have this: 

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