Friday, September 2, 2011



 It's Daine from Tamora Pierce's The Immortals series!
I don't ever make fanart, but I'm all giddy from re-reading all the way up to the middle of the fourth (and last) book of the awesome young adult fantasy series. I didn't use any references so I guess that's why her face looks disturbingly wobbly. (Her mouth was the most troublesome to paint). The next piece I paint I'll definitely use references photos.

I thought I would pace myself and read one of these books a month but I've devoured them all four in just a couple of days. Although I already read them in high school, I fortunately forgot most of the story so I got all excited, starry-eyed and, frankly, invigorated, again. I've felt so mushy and lackluster this year but reading sweet sweet fantasy novels has inspired once more with fresh energy.
Thank you, Mrs. Pierce!

(I can't imagine how utterly amazing it would be if I could illustrate her novels into a comic series. Gah, life surely can't be that amazing, right? I'll keep dreaming...)

 ((And yes, I thouroughly took advantage of this "new" pressure sensitivity tool my digital pen has. It's nothing but godly.))

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