Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sketches During Class

This is my professor from U.S. History Until 1879. He's a pretty funny guy who says "man" a lot. At the beginning of every class I update him on findings that I looked up, including the origin of the word yeoman and the current equivalent of Britain's debt from the Seven Year's War. We even high-fived on listing the History channel as our favorite cable channel! Nothing like some validation for being a huge nerd. Regarding his word bubble, there were some technical issues with the projector.

Today I attended a Hiragana calligraphy workshop. A Japanese language professor hosted the short event and I even heard her speak French fluently! Badass.

Watched Professor Steven Goldman's presentation on the significance of Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions and its impact on postmodern thinking, in my Study of History class. Drawing while watching actually helped me retain the dense information better. Will you look at that!

Yeah, here there is more writing than drawing. My handwriting sucks.


Anonymous said...

Your art work is spectacular. Even the raw sketches are wonderful to see. And your site is beautiful and unique.

JGV said...

Thank you so much! I sort of think that my sketches are boring but I put them up for the same reasons that I absolutely love seeing other artist's "raw sketches" and connecting the dots on their thinking processes.
I'm really glad you like the site!