Friday, November 11, 2011

Sex Show Piece

Last night was Montclair State University's The Sex Show gallery opening, which featured awesome artwork from the university's many illustrators with the theme of sex. 
My piece was concerned with the effects of sexual repression:

Oh those Victorians and their naughty euphemisms...

The mentioning of sex, albeit indirectly, was too much and they all sort of freak out from their repressed sexual urges. 
Call me a prude but I was a bit shocked to read about Victorian euphemisms. "Tipping the Velvet" I'm familiar with because of Sarah Waters's amazing Victorian-themed novel, but some like a "beast with two backs" or "dog's rig," make one ponder a little too long about how they might be connected to sex. And some are on the verge of gross, like an "ever throbbing doodle" which refers to male genitalia. Doodle? Throbbing? Seriously?

In terms of the piece itself, I didn't have a lot of time to plan it all out. I wish the last two panels were larger and that I could have used a better font than comic sans, so if I have the opportunity to go over my protfolio I'd like to go back and fix these things.  Below is my quick sketch before I started the drawing the final piece:

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