Monday, December 5, 2011

Work Coming Soon and LGBT Issues in my Art

I've been on a drawing rampage to fill my new sketchbook so I will put up what I've made when I have some more time soon!

         I've been wondering about what happens if an artist or writer chooses to focus on "unconventional" topics like LGBT issues. Is the creator, career-wise, truly unscathed after choosing to make its protagonist a person of LGBT identity?
For example, would Lord of the Rings be as popular as it is if Tolkien have romanticized the intimate friendship of Frodo and Sam? What if Harry Potter identified as Harriet Potter? What if Jacob and Edward dumped Bella and married each other? So if I choose to have my main character in a comic be a non-white lesbian, or like in my story set in Victorian Europe, Fox & Mirror, in which one main character is a flamenco-dancing trans-woman from Spain, am I shooting myself in the foot?
          My gut tells me no and is fiercely determined to tell me to not get discouraged by what the media portrays as "normal," but I can't help to consider how tempting it is to fall back on portraying the status quo to make a living.
    Well, I hope I find some way to make it all work so I can illustrate whatever the hell I want to illustrate!

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