Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crafts-and-Drawings Show and Tell

I'm almost done knitting a small shawl made with super-soft Peruvian baby alpaca yarn (from Rowan's Lima edition). Sooo soft. And because of it's chain construction (a "braided" yarn), it's also sort of stretchy.

Did a simple pattern of 4 rows stockinette, 1 row with gaps,
 1 row of horizontal ribbing.

As a christmas gift, I also crocheted a shawl for one of my friends who lives in Norway:
 ( Taken at Modern Yarn, my local yarn shop)

Lastly, during my winter break in Los Angeles, I got to spend time with one of my sisters, who lives in San Francisco. Here are two drawings I made of her:

I drew her in medieval garb for fun.
This didn't come out as good because
I used a ballpoint pen instead of something erasable,
oooh well.

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