Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Workspace

       I've been living in this new apartment for 2 months now but haven't had the chance to really enjoy my new workspace... there has been a pesky cold draft that would seep through the windows and shoo me away. But with this lovely weather my desk finally feels like home again.

    I'm a pretty neat person so my workspace is usually orderly, and a cup of tea is always present. The desk is actually a kid's drafting table; its side compartments hold all my art supplies (watercolors, colored pencils and acrylics) and random stuff, like Victorian stickers or forgotten lipsticks. And beside my desk is a tall stack of library books waiting to be read for my research papers, and paper supplies for drawing.  
I don't know how in the world it has, but my bamboo continues to thrive! But I'm not so sure about the status of the daffodils.

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