Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Sketchbook Show and Illustrators Visit

 Yes! My postcards arrived. They have this really soft matte surface finish that I've always wanted to have on my printed work.
 I chose these two illustrations because each one summarized two distinct styles that I have, one very flat and textured, and the other more traditional. And they showcase the narrative aspect of my work.

At the moment Montclair State University's Gallery 3.5 is exhibiting the Sketchbook Show, where our sketchbooks have literally been drilled unto the wall to be flipped and viewed. Huge copies from the inside of these sketchbooks have been posted all over the walls, making it an immersive experience:

There's my moleskine sketchbook in the middle!

The wall by the door is for visitors to contribute doodles and comments.

Last night, four talented illustrators (Mike Freiheit, Daniel Hertzberg, Brett Affrunti, and Daniel Fishel) visited my portfolio class to discuss illustration, the industry and any advice for us undergraduates. It was really enjoyable to sit through and listen--they were very friendly and had a lot of helpful advice. Self-promotion makes a lot of sense now; it's a subtle art of timing, research, luck, and swag. But mostly swag.

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