Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lost in Translation Mini-Comic

I took two fascinating courses on early Latin America this Spring semester, and I think everything that I learned is finally being processed creatively (especially without the stress of writing papers or taking exams).

So below is a mini-comic with Hernán Cortés and his two trusty translators, Malintzin, and Gerónimo de Aguilar. Through Malintzin and Aguilar, they can translate between Maya, Spanish, and Nahuatl. In this case, Aguilar gets a little distracted. 

I actually imagined this first in Spanish so I made a Spanish-language version.


Yeah, don't bother asking me what the hieroglyphs mean. Historical accuracy can only go so far! It was fun picking out the symbols though.

Here are some screenshots for funsies:

The actual drawing with any changes in expressions drawn below it.

Here I was just starting and playing about with color.

Right in the middle of the process.

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