Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PoundPound Art Show

So I belong to an art collective called PoundPound and last Saturday was our first art show and it was such a success! Our creative director, Kayetan, did an amazing job. Some of my dear friends came for support (including the amazing Chris Gash!), for which I really appreciate. I had such a wonderful time.

So what new pieces did I showcase? The theme for the show was slumber-related so I focused on sloths and dreams, and wanted to experiment with more graphic styles.
If you want to buy these as prints, as well as the awesome artworks by the other three artists (Ahu Sulker, Michal Brodka, and Ana Benaroya), click heeeeere.

Cotton Candy Dreaming
What Will I Dream Tonight
Portrait of a Man
Portrait of a Woman

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